Baden-Powell The Facts

Questions have been asked about the Founder of Scouts links to Facism, Racism & Homophobia. We give you the facts.

The Facts on the Founder

Since the news broke of the removal of the Statue of Baden-Powell from the harbour of Poole, Dorset it has angered several residents, Scouts and former Scouts.

Scouting Radio pride on being an honest, independent media source for Scouting. We aim to put the facts right on the allegations made against Baden-Powell and regurgitated on main media outlets and social media postings below.

Firstly we urge you to watch the above video in full. Following this we recommend you take a look at our Scout history page on this site, commonly known as "Scouting Milestones" where Colin Walker, Scout Historian has written hundreds of articles on Baden-Powell. Colin is a world renowned Scout Historian

False Claims by Corrie Drew

Scouting Radio would also like to place on record that we have made several attempts to invite Corrie Drew, ex-Labour Candidate to participate in one of our discussions on Baden-Powell and to stand by her allegations. She has not responded to any of our invitations.

He has brought about changes in the lives of many boys and girls... and will continue to do so.
BP's best influence have inspired millions young and old. And a few are working hard to destroy the good work and harmony we enjoy across the world.
I believe that this statue is an ideal for the youngsters to utilise their strength and removal of this would gave a negative impact in the society.
Scouting changed my life. And I won't be the man and person I am today nor would I have the many fellow scouts I made as friends and continue to be friends 40 years on from all walks of life and backgrounds
I believe the most important point is we should not judge the past with todays standards. Life was different, attitudes were different, communications slower (sometimes taking days, weeks and months instead of moments now. I suspect there are a lot of things that are accepted today which would be rejected then as degenerate.
To remind us all: Lord Baden Powell in his last message to Scouts "try and leave this world a little better that you found it "be prepared" in this way, to live happy and to die happy - stick to your Scout promise always - even after you have ceased to be a child - and God help you do it. your friend Baden Powell ----- I like many many Scouts believe that B.P. was a good man.
I’m glad this has been put on Facebook ,totally vindicates BP not that in my honest and humble opinion there was anything to vindicate, a man of his time and truly one of the Great men turned out by Victorian Britain ,but I can see a problem certain sections of society the press and unfortunately the Scouting Movement just won’t except it , never let facts get in the way of a “Good Story” (I say “Good “ tongue in cheek )