Become an Ambassador



Whether your a Scout campsite, Outdoor store, Scout Group or supporter. Contact us to get listed on our supporter and affiliates page


Ambassador Programme


Scouting Radio relies on the support of volunteers all around the world to help spread the word about our 24 hour internet radio station for Scouting. We seek interested Scouters from around the world as teams or individuals to promote Scouting Radio.


Ambassador Programme Objectives:


Promote Scouting Radio to the members of the National Scout Organisations (NSOs) Promote our voluntary Staff programme Facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge between Scouting Radio & future listeners


Joining our ambassador programme:


The best way to join our Ambassador programme is to contact Scouting Radio to begin the process directly and find out if there are already active ambassadors in your country.


What does the Network do?


The aim of the programme should be to assist Scouting Radio in establishing, maintaining and building relationships with Association magazines / newsletters, websites, and contacts such as Communication Managers. Financial Support: The Ambassador Programme will be, as far as possible, self-financing. However, in certain cases (such as for large events) financial support may be made available. This however needs to be discussed and agreed (on a case-by-case basis) prior to any spending directly with the Management team of Scouting Radio.